Thursday, October 7, 2010

The real secret to getting that 6 pack!

If you don't already have that nice 6 pack and want to get them then just read on. Getting to the point where you have visible abs is really simple, you just need patience. Diet is the key thing when it comes to getting your 6 pack to be visible. Most people believe that abs can only be visible by doing hundreds of crunches and other ab exercises everyday. THIS IS SO WRONG!! Your abdominal muscles will ONLY show if you have a low enough bodyfat (%)percentage.

This magical number varies with men and women but generally for men to see their abs they need a bodyfat (bf) % of 11-12. Although for you to have them popping out and looking good you need to be at around 8-9 %.For women however it is a little bit higher of a number. Women can be around 14-15 % to have the beginnings of visible abs!


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